Class C Networks - Block 62.116 -	(VBS)	Vienna Backbone Service; AT -	(AT-ATNET-970730)	at-net; Austria; AT -	(VBS)	Vienna Backbone Service; AT -	(INDEXNET)	Index; AT -	(WINTERNET)	Andreas Winter; Salmgasse 7/6; A-1030 Vienna; AT -	(THINGNET)	The Thing Enterprise Mark KEG; Helmut Mark; A-1020 Untere Donaustr. 27/19a; AT -	(VISPRONET)	VISUAL project Forthuber KEG; Christian Forthuber; A-1080 Wien; AT -	(KAPCOM-AT)	casht it-consulting; Kapper & Partner Communications KEG; Content & Access provider; AT -	(ONLINELOOP-COM)	OnLineLoop Software Developement; Content & Access provider; AT -	(AKTIV-TMP)	aktiv; Austria; AT -	(CNSNET)	CNS EDV-Dienstleistungs GmbH; AT -	(FARMERSMANUAL-CO-AT)	New Media and Content engineering; AT -	(INFOVISION-CO-AT)	Infovision Technologies GmbH; Training & Network Technology; AT -	(ENEMY-ORG)	Enemy.ORG Productions; Content & Access provider; AT -	(TCTLNET)	tctl ltd; Toad Computer ltd; AT -	(GUESSCLUBNET)	Guess Club & Restaurant GMBH; Content and Access Provider; AT -	(DATAENTER)	DataEnter, Michael Kocum; Vienna, Austria; AT -	(MEDHOST-AT)	Dr. Georg Kapfhammer -; Content and Access Provider; AT -	(CISNET)	Computer & Internet Systems, Ybbsstrasse 23,; A-1020 Wien, Austria; AT -	(TCTLNET)	TCTL.Networks,; Fleischmarkt 9, A-1010 Wien, Austria; AT -	(VBS-AKTIVNET)	Internet-Aktiv EDV; Zieglergasse 29/2/22 A-1070 Wien; Manfred Zinner; AT -	(MAYRNET)	Mayr Weltweit; Quarantine Data Systems; AT -	(VBS-EXANET)	Exacon Informationstechnologie Beratungsges.m.b.H; AT -	(WHSNET)	Int. Advertisement Agency; AT -	(KESNET)	project division of silverserver; AT -	(MURNET)	content provider & access provider for GBS; AT -	(STRIKENET)	Strikenet Gaming Service; AT -	(VIBENET)	ISP for electronic commerce and music promotion; AT -	(BOHNET)	Heinz Keller; Austria; AT -	(PPMNET)	PPMedia - internet solutions, multimedia,; graphic & webdesign; A-1020 WIEN; Austria; AT -	(VBS-BARTLNET)	Computer Alexander Bartl OEG; AT -	(FUNNET)	FUNNET Linz,; Internet Service Provider& Software Development; AT -	(VBS-SIL-VMPNET)	Vienna Music Production Net - MusicDataExchange; AT

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