Class C Networks - Block 62.22 -	(ES-UUNET-990629)	PROVIDER; ES -	(SKANDIA)	Insurance Company; ES -	(MORELLATO)	Wholesaler company; Spanish network connected to UUNET; ES -	(ES-UUNET-AMERICANMEDICALSYSTEMS)	Manufacturer of medical instr.; ES -	(TBWA-BARCELONA)	Advertising company; ES -	(TBWA-MADRID)	Advertising company; ES -	(EVEREX-ES)	value added reseller; ES -	(CUP)	Publishing House of Cambridge Univ. in Madrid, Spain.; ES -	(ES-UUNET-FLASH-INTERNET)	Soluciones de Comunicaciones Flash Internet; ES -	(ES-UUNET-XALOCNET)	College; ES -	(ES-UUNET-NTE)	New Spacials Technologies; ES -	(ES-UUNET-SARTORIUS)	SartoriusNet; ES -	(ES-UUNET-PEARSON)	Pearson TV; ES -	(ES-UUNET-MEDICOTESTNET)	Manufacturer of medical electrodes; and sensors for hospitals and home; ES -	(ES-UUNET-DIALOGICNET)	Hardware manufacturer; Voice based PC architecture; ES -	(ES-UUNET-TELESOFTNET)	CTI technologies; Services and multimedia for Telephone operators and ISPs; ES -	(ES-UUNET-CLUSTERNET)	Consultancy in telecommunications; Barcelona; ES -	(ES-UUNET-RTOOLSNET)	Electronic payment; on finance, transport; ES -	(ES-UUNET-EDSNET)	Consultancy; in world use information and technology; ES -	(ES-UUNET-SOLVISION)	consultancy; project management company; ES -	(ES-UUNET-PENNZOILNET)	Marketing, manufacturing and fast oil; change business; ES -	(ES-UUNET-BDPNET)	Architects, engineers and cost consultants; ES -	(ES-UUNET-RTKLNET)	Architecture,Design; Building engineering; ES -	(ES-UUNET-BCN)	Internet service provider; ES -	(ES-UUNET-TRIZECHAHNNET-ES)	Real estate company; ES -	(ES-UUNET-PEOPLETELNET)	Telecomunication Company; ES -	(ES-UUNET-JOBLINENET)	Human resources consultant company; ES

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