Class C Networks - Block 194.169 -	(LONSTKEX)	London Stock Exchange; GB -	(SMSUK)	SMS (UK) Ltd; GB -	(WESTLAND-2)	Westland Helicopters Ltd; GB -	(RWPNOTT)	Private Network; GB -	(RUSL)	Really Useful Software Ltd.; GB -	(IMCLTD)	Intercity Mobile Communications Ltd; GB -	(PLC-UK)	Personal Learning Centre; GB -	(UKFGR000)	Grohe Ltd; GB -	(IVSHOLDINGS)	IVS Holdings; GB -	(NEWGATENET)	Sean Anthony Murphy; GB -	(FEN-UK)	Fenner Power Transmission UK; GB -	(GWENTPOL)	Gwent Constabulary; GB -	(BDP-1)	Building Design Partnership; GB -	(CENTEC)	Central England Training and Enterprise Council; GB -	(CENSUPP)	Central England Support Services Company Ltd; GB -	(BLR-B)	Redditch and Bromsgrove Business Partnership Ltd; GB -	(BLSOL)	Solihull Business Partnership Ltd; GB -	(BLWF)	Wyre Forest Business Partnership Ltd; GB -	(WINWIZ)	Monarch Business Systems; GB -	(BROXTOWE-COLL)	Broxtowe College Nottingham Network; GB -	(CABLECORP3)	The Cable Corporation; GB -	(CSSNET-1)	Computing Support Services Ltd; GB -	(NEXTPLC)	Next PLC; GB -	(LLINE)	LogicLine Ltd; GB -	(ATT-MAIL-HUB)	AT&T London Mail Hub; GB -	(THOMSONDIRECT)	Thomson Directories Ltd; GB -	(THORNTON)	Shell Research Network; GB -	(NOTT-CONSTAB)	Nottingham Constabulary; GB -	(SYN-UNDERWRITE)	Syndicate Underwriting Management; GB -	(COM-SUPPORT)	Computing Support Services; GB

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