Class C Networks - Block 195.0 -	(EU-EUNET-960405)	EUnet Communications Services BV; BE -	(EY-BE)	Ernst and Young; Audit Services, Tax Consultants; Accountants, Management Consultants; BE -	(EUROGENTEC)	Seraing; BE -	(DEVROE-PROMOTIONS-BE)	Devroe Promotions; BE -	(BEHEER-BE)	Beheer bvba; BE -	(GOCA-BE)	Goca vzw; BE -	(EUROCRYPT-BE)	Eurocrypt; BE -	(POLYFORM-BE)	Polyform sa; BE -	(GREGOIRE-BE)	Association Avocats Gregoire; BE -	(EUROCHART-COM)	Eurochart nv; BE -	(GEMEENTEBESTUUR-LANAKEN-BE)	Gemeentebestuur Lanaken; BE -	(DEBIJLOKE-BE)	Stedelijke Concertzaal De Bijloke; BE -	(DECONINCK-BE)	Brouwerij De Koninck nv; BE -	(ADJCONSULTANCY-BE)	ADJ Consultancy; BE -	(CELIS-BE)	Celis Carosserie nv; BE -	(HL-BE)	Hospitallogistics nv; BE -	(WBC-BE)	WBC; BE -	(HYPERVISION-BE)	Multimedia Productions; BE -	(INDEX)	Koksijde; BE -	(DEDUCO)	Software Developers; Wevelgem; BE -	(SYSSOL)	System Solutions NV; Turnkey computer solutions; BE -	(KMSKA)	Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten; Antwerpen; BE -	(EUNET-BE-POOL-ANTWERP)	EUnet BE dynamic dialup Antwerp; BE -	(EUNET-BE-POOL-BRUSSELS)	EUnet BE dynamic dialup Brussels; BE -	(EUNET-BE-POOL-CHARLEROI)	EUnet BE dynamic dialup Charleroi; BE -	(EUNET-BE-POOL-GHENT)	EUnet BE dynamic dialup Ghent; BE -	(EUNET-BE-POOL-HASSELT)	EUnet BE dynamic dialup Hasselt; BE -	(EUNET-BE-POOL-KORTRIJK)	EUnet BE dynamic dialups Kortrijk; BE -	(EUNET-BE-POOL-MONS)	EUnet BE dynamic dialups Mons; BE -	(EUNET-BE-POOL-NAMEN)	EUnet BE dynamic dialups Namen; BE -	(VMM-BE)	Vlaamse Milieumaatschappij; BE -	(ACEC-TRANSPORT-BE)	Constructeur Ferroviaire; Departement Signalisation; Locomotives, Automatrices, TGV; equipements electriques, electronique et informatique; BE -	(SENTINEL)	Sentinel NV; Supplier Discettes; BE -	(SEMICO)	Semico NV; Seminar and Congress organisation; Specialised in Medical congresses; BE -	(PEP-BENELUX)	PEP Modular Computers; BE -	(SBB)	SBB - Belgische Boerenbond (Leuven); Services; BE -	(VERELST)	Groep Verelst; Industriebouw, Woningbouw, Staalbouw,; Machineverhuur en Renovatie; BE -	(NETOMIUM)	Netomium SA; BE -	(SCANREACH)	DBL Scanreach Corporation; DBL SCANREACH Imaging (pre-press, digital printphotography); DBL SCANREACH Networking (photo-cd, multi-media, internet); DBL SCANREACH Design (design); DBL SCANREACH Publishing (Interieurgids, UNIDISC)); BE -	(INTEGAN)	Integan Kabeltelevisie; Hoboken; BE -	(CAF)	CAF; Brussels; BE -	(COMPANSID)	COMPANSID; Brussels; BE -	(UNICE)	Union of Industrial and Employers Confederations of Europe; 1000 Brussels; BE -	(INTERNATIONAL-SCHOOL-OF-BRUSSELS)	International School of Brussels; Brussels Belgium; BE -	(ABCONCERTS)	Ancienne Belgique; BE -	(ROSSEL-AND-CIE)	ROSSEL & CIE SA; Brussels; BE -	(SPI)	SPI+; Liege; BE -	(SONYTEL-BE)	Sony Objective Composer Local Area Network; BE -	(INELCO)	Interconnection Division; BE -	(KAVA)	Koninklijke Apothekers Vereniging Antwerpen; BE -	(EUNET-LAN)	Lan with EUnet non-public-server hosts; Technical department; BE -	(EUNET-BE)	EUnet E-Commerce network; BE -	(ALFAC-BE)	Alfac; BE -	(SKALIS-BE)	Skalis; BE -	(MOBIWEB-BE)	Mobistar; BE -	(E-COM-BE)	Alcatel e-COM; BE -	(COMPAQ-BE)	Compaq; BE -	(CDS-BE)	CDS; BE -	(COMPAQ-BE)	Compaq Webserver; BE -	(HONDA-BE)	Honda; BE -	(VLAN-BE)	Vlan; BE -	(PLAYTOY-BE)	Playtoy DTS; BE -	(BISON-BE)	Bison Web site; BE -	(BISON-BE)	Bison Web Server; BE -	(ADVALVAS-BE)	Ad Valvas Content provider; BE -	(XPLO-BE)	Xplo; TV production company; BE -	(NEOSYS-BE)	Neosys; BE -	(BELFORT-BE)	Belfort International; BE -	(EUROFER)	European Confederation of Iron and Steel Industries; BE -	(BRTN)	Nederlandstalige Belgische Radio en Televisie; BE -	(VDABNET)	VDAB; Vlaamse Dienst voor Arbeidsbemiddelling en Beroepsopleiding; BE -	(T-INTERIM-BE)	T Interim; BE -	(ORBIT-ONE-BE)	Orbit One, Ghent, Belgium; BE -	(XPC)	Information Technology; Research and Management Consulting Group; BE -	(BROCOM)	Domain; BE -	(CYCLONE)	Computer Consulting; Software Development; BE -	(NOORDNATIE-BE)	Noord Natie NV; Antwerp; BE -	(KENDER-BE)	E-mail; BE -	(ASTRA)	s.a. ASTRA PHARMACEUTICALS n.v.; Brussels; BE -	(APPLE-BE)	Apple Belgium IP Demo Subnet via ISDN; BE -	(XEIKON-BE)	Xeikon NV, Mortsel; Digital Color Press Manufacturing; BE -	(AGRIINFO)	AGRIINFO-COPA-COGECA; BRUSSELS; BE -	(ACE)	The Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment; BE -	(BLONDE-BE)	NV BLONDE SA; Communication and Print; in Art, Sales, Promotion, Technical Literature; BE -	(TSWT-BE)	S.T.Electronics; informatica bedrijf , client-server toepassingen; BE -	(KOLGEN-BE)	Kolgen BVBA; BE -	(EISS-BE)	Europe Infromation Service Server; Beneport Server; BE -	(BACCHUS-BE)	Bacchus International Limited; Commercial presence provider for companies which; want WEB solutions for thier companies; BE -	(BATC-BE)	BATC Brussels National Airport; BE -	(VAR-BE)	Sales house (repfilm) for the; Belgian Public Radio and Television Networks; BE -	(USERFULL-BE)	Userfull Organises information systems for; pan-European audiovisual companies; BE -	(SWISSCORE-BE)	Swiss information office for the; European Research Programmes; BE -	(LIVING-TOMORROW-BE)	Living Tomorrow, The house of the future; Vilvoorde - Belgium; BE -	(LUON-NET-SERVICES-BE)	Luon Net Services is a graphical office; also developing and implementing web-sites; Connected via PSTN; BE -	(LUON-NET-SERVICES-BE)	Luon Net Services is a graphical office; also developing and implementing web-sites; Connected via ISDN; BE -	(BITS-BE)	B.I.T.S. NV; Presence Provider in Antwerp - Belgium; BE -	(ABLE-BE)	Network Consultancy; BE -	(DDEG-BE)	D&D Entertainment Group; Holding of about 20 Companies; BE -	(STIBBE-BE)	Stibbe; BE -	(SCANDINAVIAN-SCHOOL-BE)	Scandinavion School of Brussels; Brussels; BE -	(VDBH-BE)	Vlaamse Dienst voor de Buitenlandse Handel; BE -	(SOST-BE)	Public Administration, Brussels; BE -	(CEGELEC-COMSIP-BE)	Cegelec Comsip; Brussels; BE -	(WIEN-HAUS-BE)	Maison de Vienne, Bruxelles; Governemental Organization; BE -	(EFC-BE)	European Foundation Centre; Non-Profit Organisation; BE -	(ESI-BE)	European Software Institute SA; Activity : Software Development; BE -	(BELMONT-RESEARCH-BE)	Software and application development services for; research in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.; Offices in Brussels (this network), Boston and San Francisco; BE -	(PRS-TRANSIT-BE)	Manutan Content Europe; BE -	(CONAC-BE)	Conac; BE -	(MC-SQUARE-BE)	MC Square; BE -	(SCITEX-BE)	Scitex Wide Format Europe nv; BE -	(SMARTSTREAM-BE)	Smartstream; BE -	(PYRAMIDE-INGENIERIE-BE)	Pyramide Ingenierie sprl, Verviers; BE -	(SITRA-GROUP-BE)	Transport; BE -	(BBRI-LIMELETTE-BE)	Belgian Building Research Institute; Research Centre; BE -	(BBRI-LOZENBERG-BE)	Belgian Building Research Institute; Offices; BE -	(ADC-BE)	ADC Enterprise Networking; Data-Tele-Communications; Focused on ATM; BE -	(FCC-BE)	Formations en Cours de Carriere asbl; BE -	(IMS)	International Medical Statistics; BE -	(IBR-BE)	IBR TRADING NV; Import and Export sporting goods; BE -	(OTTO-YORK-GLITSCH-BE)	Otto York/Glitsch; BE -	(HYPERNOMAD-COM)	Sofhi Informatique; BE -	(UNILIN-BE)	Unilin Industries; BE -	(VRT-BE)	VRT; BE -	(EMDSNET-COM)	EMDS; BE -	(ERIKSCHOB-BE)	Internal network Eriks NV (includes filiales); BE -	(MIN-TEW-ARB-BE)	Ministerie van Tewerkstelling en Arbeid; BE -	(DE-VOLDER-BE)	Computer Shop; Copiers and fax; Services; BE -	(BTN-BE)	Belgian Travel Network; BE -	(NIMBLE-BE)	Solutions in the field of manufacturing systems; for industrial customers worldwide; BE -	(FLEXCOM-BE)	Flexcom; BE -	(PCANET-BE)	Group of several (independant) consultants specialised; in office automation applications; Web hosting; BE -	(ENDEMOL-BE)	Endemol Entertainment Belgium NV; BE -	(DATARESCUE)	.; .; BE -	(IT-MASTERS)	IT-MASTERS; BE -	(IT-MASTERS)	IT-MASTERS; BE -	(UNIGATE)	Collection and transfer of data via the internet; BE -	(ACSI-BE)	ACSI; BE -	(ALLIANSE-NO)	Allianse Informasjonssystemer AS; NO -	(EU-EUNET-960411)	EUnet Communications Services BV; NO -	(ALLIANSE-NO)	Allianse Informasjonssystemer AS; Limenett; NO -	(ALLIANSE-NO)	Allianse Informasjonssystemer AS; Limenett ISDN; NO -	(ALLIANSE-NO)	Allianse Informasjonssystemer AS; Internt nett Stavanger; NO -	(ALLIANSE-NO)	Allianse Informasjonssystemer AS; Internt nett Haugesund; NO -	(ALLIANSE-NO)	Allianse Informasjonssystemer AS; Internt nett Kristiansand S; NO -	(ALLIANSE-NO)	Allianse Informasjonssystemer AS; Internt nett Arendal; NO -	(ALLIANSE-NO)	Allianse Informasjonssystemer AS, Stavanger; NO -	(ALLIANSE-NO)	Allianse Informasjonssystemer AS, Stavanger; Limenett Agder; NO -	(ROGALANDSMEIERIET-NO)	Rogalandsmeieriet AS, Klepp stasjon; NO -	(STAVANGER-KOMM-NO)	Stavanger Kommune, Stavanger; NO -	(OKONOMISENTERET-NO)	Okonomisenteret AS, Molde; NO -	(LUFTTRANSPORT-NO)	Lufttransport a.s, Tromso; NO -	(DRAMMEN-BBL-NO)	Drammen Boligbyggelag, Drammen; NO -	(INFOSYNERGI-NO)	Infosynergi AS, Haugesund; NO -	(GKN-NO)	Geelmuyden-Kiese Nye Medier AS, Lysaker; NO -	(SYNTAX-NO)	Syntax A/S, Skaarer; NO -	(LIBRIS-NO)	LIbris Bokhandel AS, Oslo; NO -	(MJOSEN-SKOG-NO)	Mjosen Skogeierforening, Lillehammer; NO -	(LINPRO-NO)	LinPro AS, Oslo; NO -	(MINERVA-NO)	Minerva Kompetanse AS; NO -	(EUNET-NO-BRYN)	EUnet Norway, Oslo; Bryn POP - Merkantildata; NO -	(EUNET-NO-DYN27)	EUnet Norway, Oslo; ISDN nett, PAP Oslo; NO -	(CIFRA-SLOVENIJA-SI)	CIFRA Komunikacijski sistemi d.o.o., Ljubljana; SI -	(EUNET-NO-DYN26)	EUnet Norge AS, Oslo; ISDN nett Bodo; NO -	(LANCO-NO)	Lanco AS, Oslo; NO -	(CORROCEAN-NO)	Corrocean AS, Trondheim; NO -	(ARDATA-NO)	AR Data AS, Molde; NO -	(EUNET-NO-BRYN)	EUnet Norway, Oslo; Ethernet Merkantildata Bryn POP; NO -	(BIT-NO)	BIT for BIT AS, Drammen; NO -	(NBBL-NO)	A/L Norske Boligbyggelags Landsforbund, Oslo; NO -	(TEKNET-NO)	TekNet AS, Malvik; NO -	(SCC-NO)	SCC Bonde & Co AS, Oslo; NO -	(MSW-NO)	Micro Software AS, Hvalstad; NO -	(AZTEK-NO)	Aztek AS, Bergen; NO -	(EUNET-NO-TRONDHEIM)	EUnet Norway, Oslo; Pirsenteret POP Trondheim; NO -	(ALADDIN-NO)	Aladdin Software AS, Skjetten; NO -	(SMARTCOM-NO)	Digital Communication Solutions, Oslo; NO -	(PUREWATER-NO)	The Pure Water Company; NO -	(KIR-OP-NO)	Infomations Systems, Oslo; NO -	(H-GRUPPEN-NO)	H-Gruppen AS, Oslo; NO -	(PERISCOPUS-NO)	Periscopus AS, Oslo; NO -	(MERKANTILDATA-NO)	Merkantildata A/S, Oslo; NO -	(VISUAL-NO)	Visual Software AS, Oslo; NO -	(EUNET-NO-DYN25)	EUnet Norway, Oslo; Dynamisk nett Drammen POP; NO -	(BIT-NO)	BIT for BIT AS, Drammen; NO -	(EUNET-NO-GLUE)	EUnet Norway, Oslo; Limenett; NO -	(BA-AVIS-NO)	Bronnoysund Avis, Bronnoysund; NO -	(DMHUSET-NO)	DM Huset AS, Oslo; NO -	(EUNET-NO-SANDAKER)	EUnet Norway, Oslo; Internt nett Sandaker; NO -	(ABS-EIENDOM-NO)	ABS Eiendom AS, Oslo; NO -	(DYNAMICA-NO)	Dynamica AS, Trondheim; NO -	(LINDESNES-KOMM-NO)	Lindesnes Kommune, Lindesnes; NO -	(EUNET-NO-CORE)	EUnet Norway, Oslo; News-server nett; NO -	(BA-MEDIA-NO)	BA Media AS, Oslo; NO -	(ISK-TV-NO)	Indre Salten Kabel-TV, Rognan; NO -	(NETSOURCE-NO)	Netsource AS, Kristiansand S; NO -	(MERKANTILDATA-NO)	Merkantildata AS, Oslo; NO -	(LYDIA-NO)	Lydia AS, Trondheim; NO -	(EUNET-NO-DYN24)	EUnet Norway, Oslo; Dynamisk nett Kristiansand POP; NO -	(SIVA-NO)	SIVA Selskapet for Industrivekst, Trondheim; NO -	(INDEXITY-NO)	Indexity AS, Oslo; NO -	(SE-WQXS-COM)	RSE Worldwide AB, Sweden; SE -	(LONNHEIM-NO)	Lonnheim Entreprenorer, Kristiansund; NO -	(MORGANDIALOG-NO)	Morgan Dialog AS, Fana; NO -	(AUTRONICA-NO)	Autronica, Trondheim; NO -	(GJENSIDIGE-NO)	Gjensidige Forsikring AS, Oslo; NO -	(EUNET-NO-GLUE)	EUnet Norge AS, Oslo; Limenett; NO -	(NKA-NO)	Norsk Kompetanse Akademi, avd Hamar; NO -	(NIKKO-NO)	DialEUnet, Nikko Norge AS; Only 32 addresses,; NO -	(BAKELINE-NO)	Bake-Line AS, Hvalstad; NO -	(TVEITO-NO)	Gronstad og Tveito AS, Sandsli; NO -	(QUASAR-NO)	Quasar Consultants, Oslo; NO -	(AZTEK-NO)	Aztek AS, Bergen; NO -	(RAANESS-NO)	Stein Raaness AS, Oslo; NO -	(BINDALSBRUKET-NO)	Bindalsbruket AS, Terrak; NO -	(INTRAWEB-NO)	Intraweb AS, Billingstad; NO -	(PLASTO-NO)	Plasto AS, Andalsnes; NO -	(BOKKLUBBENE-NO)	De Norske Bokklubbene, Oslo; NO -	(SYSDECO-MEDIA-NO)	Sysdeco Media AS, Trondheim; NO -	(INTERVETT-NO)	Intervett AS, Oslo; NO -	(EUNET-NO-LYSAKER)	EUnet Norway, Oslo; Lysaker POP nett; NO -	(MOBO-NBBL-NO)	Molde og Omegn BBL, Molde; NO -	(NO-EUNET-195-0)	Reserved for EUnet NO from eu.eunet registry; NO -	(ORRE-NO)	Orre Grafisk Design ANS; NO -	(GRONER-NO)	Groner AS, Lysaker; NO -	(RAUFOSSAS-NO)	Raufoss AS, Raufoss; NO -	(EUNET-NO-LEVANGER)	EUnet Norway, Oslo; Levanger-nett; NO -	(NEO-NO)	Norsk Elektro Optikk A/S, Skarer; NO -	(LYNG-NO)	Lyng Gruppen AS, Vanvikan; NO -	(SAMASO-NO)	Sama Software A/S, Skarer; NO -	(SKS-NO)	A/S Salten Kraftsamband; Salten PowerCompany; NO -	(BRSUND-VGS-NO)	Bronnoysund Videregaende Skole, Bronnoysund; NO -	(EUNET-NO-GLUE)	EUnet Norge AS, Oslo; Limenett; NO -	(SPETS-NO)	Spets Consulting Group AS, Trondheim; NO

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