Class C Networks - Block 195.102 -	(U-NET-WEB2)	U-NET INTERNAL USE; GB -	(EGERTON-SCHOOL)	SCHOOL; GB -	(WOODFIELD-PRIMARY)	SCHOOL; GB -	(HUNTINGTON-SCHOOL)	SCHOOL; GB -	(STANNESRCAP)	SCHOOL; GB -	(STJOHNSCAPSBOLL)	SCHOOL; GB -	(WISTASTONGREEN)	SCHOOL; GB -	(STWINIFREDSRC-SCHOOL)	SCHOOL; GB -	(HANDLEYHILLHS)	SCHOOL; GB -	(PIUS-XII-SCHOOL)	SCHOOL; GB -	(BELGRAVEINFANT-SCHOOL)	SCHOOL; GB -	(VERNONINFANT)	SCHOOL; GB -	(SHAVINGTONPRIMARY)	SCHOOL; GB -	(STALBANSRCAP)	SCHOOL; GB -	(OVERSTJOHNSCE)	SCHOOL; GB -	(SUTTONGREEN)	SCHOOL; GB -	(KINGSLEYANDNEWTON)	SCHOOL; GB -	(STMARYS-SCHOOL)	SCHOOL; GB -	(OAKENCLOUGH-SCHOOL)	Oakenchough Primary; GB -	(GORSEYBANK)	SCHOOL; GB -	(HOLMESCHAPEL)	SCHOOL; GB -	(WILLASTONCE)	SCHOOL; GB -	(PIKEMERE)	Pikemere Primary School; GB -	(UPTON-WESTLEA)	SCHOOL; GB -	(CHRISTLETON-PRI)	SCHOOL; GB -	(DISLEY)	Disley Primary School; GB -	(UNDERWOODWESTINFANT)	SCHOOL; GB -	(COMBERBACH)	SCHOOL; GB -	(BOLLINGTONCROSS)	SCHOOL; GB -	(CAMBRIDGEROAD)	SCHOOL; GB -	(STJOHNSCAPSMACC)	SCHOOL; GB -	(MARLFIELDSCP)	SCHOOL; GB -	(PARKLANE)	SCHOOL; GB -	(RODEHEATHCP)	SCHOOL; GB -	(NESTON)	SCHOOL; GB -	(ELTON)	SCHOOL; GB -	(PARKROYAL)	SCHOOL; GB -	(ST-GABRIELS-SCHOOL)	SCHOOL; GB -	(CUDDINGTON-SCHOOL)	SCHOOL; GB -	(HIGHLEGH-SCHOOL)	SCHOOL; GB -	(TARVIN)	SCHOOL; GB -	(KELSALLCP)	SCHOOL; GB -	(ALSAGERHIGHFIELD)	SCHOOL; GB -	(MOULTON)	SCHOOL; GB -	(HARTFORD)	SCHOOL; GB -	(PRESTBURY)	SCHOOL; GB -	(DEBORAHSERV)	Initial Deborah Services; GB -	(BNCS)	Broadcast Network Control System; GB -	(MARNAV)	Marine Navigation Company Ltd.; GB -	(PRINCIPAL)	Principal test account; GB -	(BSCORG)	Broadcasting Standards Commission; GB -	(PROTECTOR)	Protector Technologies Group Ltd; GB -	(GCL)	GCL Direct Marketing.; GB -	(CHOCSOFT)	The Chocolate Software Co. Ltd.; England; GB -	(BESPOKECOMP)	Bespoke Networks; GB -	(PAMRA)	Performing Artists Media Rights; GB -	(STRATABRIDGE)	Management Consulting; GB -	(LOWERY-BT)	Lowery Eooken Network Equipment; GB -	(PTL-UK)	Power Technologies; GB -	(GIGGLESWICK)	School; GB -	(THRALLEUROPA)	Manufacturer of fright cars; GB -	(WEDDELSWIFT)	Weddel Swift Ltd; GB -	(MEDIAWAVE3)	Streaming Media Broadcasting Company; GB -	(MEDIAWAVE4)	Streaming Media Broadcasting Company; GB -	(MEDIAWAVE5)	Streaming Media Broadcasting Company; GB -	(DALAU)	Manufacturers Of PTFE; GB -	(TIREYNOLDS)	Reynolds Rings Ltd; GB -	(DAIRYINGREDIENTS)	Dairy Products Manufacturer; England; GB -	(EXAMINET)	Examiner News Service; GB -	(HEIDENREICH)	Heidenreich Marine; GB -	(PANDANET)	Panda net Web and Legacy; GB -	(TELEPORTEC)	Advanced Video Conferencing; GB -	(CITATION)	Citation PLC; GB -	(VI1)	Idea Network; Internet Access; GB -	(OCNSEM)	Educational Accreditation Service; GB -	(DEVERE)	De Vere Group PLC; GB -	(PRINCIPAL)	Principal Corporation; GB -	(EXPRESSO16-1)	U-NET INTERNAL USE; Expressonet/Expressoway; GB -	(UWCN-TRED1)	UWCN-TREDEGAR; GB -	(EWS)	Electronic Workplace Solutions; GB -	(TTTC)	The Travel Training Company is a; commercial training provider; GB -	(EXPRESSO-1)	U-NET INTERNAL USE; Expressonet/Expressoway; GB -	(EXPRESSO-2)	U-NET INTERNAL USE; Expressonet/Expressoway; GB -	(U-NET-NAT)	U-NET INTERNAL USE; Used to give routers single static IPs; when using Network Address Translation; GB -	(U-NET-WEB3)	U-NET INTERNAL USE; GB -	(U-NET-WEBSERVER)	U-NET INTERNAL USE; Web Servers; GB -	(STFNET36-47)	Staffordshire University; Halls access; GB -	(U-NET-WEB1)	U-NET INTERNAL USE; GB -	(PERSISTENCE)	Persistence UK LAN; GB -	(MICROTECH)	Microtech; Guernsey; GB -	(METROPLAN)	Network Connection; GB -	(XEBEC1)	Xebec MultiMedia Solutions Ltd.; GB -	(HARMONIX2)	Harmonix; GB -	(ATG)	A.T. Group Ltd; GB -	(MESSER-CW)	Messer Greisheim; GB -	(JACKSON-STEPHEN)	Jackson Stephen & Co.; GB -	(FYLDE-MICRO)	Fylde-Micro; GB -	(CISE)	Control Instrumentation and IT; Network Devices; GB -	(SETMET)	Setmet; GB -	(ROWLEYDICKENSON)	Solicitors; Manchester Office; GB -	(ROWLEYDICKENSON2)	Solicitors; Birmingham Office; GB -	(COBX)	Council of Bureaux; UK; GB -	(TCM-LTD)	Total Courier Management; Manchester Airport; GB -	(DLCF)	Davies, Little, Cowley, Fiddes; GB -	(YORKFITNESS)	Yorkfitness; GB -	(AWJENK)	A W Jenkinson; Forest Products; GB -	(MKDH)	Kitchen Manufacturing, sales; Home Improvement; GB -	(DYNAMICIT)	Dynamic IT Services Ltd.; GB -	(EHILL)	Ernest H Hill Ltd; Manufacturers of fluid transfer equipment; GB -	(DANIELSON)	Danielson; GB -	(ISAUK)	Institute for Study Abroad; GB -	(WEATHERSEAL)	Home Improvements; Double Glazing; GB -	(CROPPER)	James Cropper PLC; GB -	(APH)	Air Power & Hydraulics; Hydraulics Manufacturers; GB -	(VOXCOMMS)	PC provision to Insurance Companies; Supply of audio media + associated peripherals; GB -	(KKC)	KKC Retail promotional marketing; GB -	(IMPACTHOUSING)	Housing Association; GB -	(CANNES1)	Network for GSM2000; GB -	(CURTEIS)	Curteis of England; GB -	(CANNES2)	Network for GSM2000; GB -	(CHANNEL)	Magazines and Events; GB -	(CGSSTRABANE)	Convent Grammar School; GB -	(AROMA-CAFE)	Aroma Cafe; GB -	(VODAFONE-NI)	Mobile Telecommunications Company; GB -	(RAFT)	Plastic Surgery & Burns Research Institute; GB -	(SUNFIELD)	Sunfield Childrens Home; GB -	(ALPHASOLWAY)	Alpha Solway Ltd; GB -	(SUTTONHIGH)	SCHOOL; GB -	(RUMSTORY)	The Rum Story; GB -	(WFCH)	Registered Social Landlord; Stock of some 6500 properties,; transferred 27/03/2000; GB -	(BELLSOFLAZONBY)	Bakers; GB -	(CHAMELEONGROUP)	Communications Call Centre; Direct Sales; GB -	(AASL3)	Aralon Advisory Services; GB -	(NSS)	NSs Ltd; GB -	(GRENCO)	Parent Comany is Grasso Holdings; GB -	(PFAUDLERBALFOUR)	Pfaudler Balfour; GB -	(GMW)	Architects and Interior Designers; GB -	(AQUALISA)	Aqualisa LAN; Additional block.; GB -	(INITIALSTYLE)	Initial Style Conferences; GB -	(CFS)	CFS Networking Equipment; GB -	(PATTON)	Law Firm; GB -	(BCSL)	World Wide Computer Value; Added Reseller; GB -	(TELFORD-EXTRUSIONS)	Plastics; GB -	(ULVERSCROFT)	Publishers; GB -	(JUSTGROUP)	Just Group PLC; GB -	(MIES)	Midlands Import-Export Services Ltd; International Logistics; GB -	(DFS)	DFS Furniture Group; GB -	(AUTOLASER)	Automotive Laser Technology Ltd.; GB -	(TWENTY-TWENTY-SPEECH)	20/20 Speech Ltd; GB -	(SIMPHONIC)	Private network for testing; web applications; GB -	(CONTINENTAL-EYEWEAR)	Optical Supplies; GB -	(WPMC)	Medical Centre; GB -	(MASONP2)	Mason and Partners (London); GB -	(ANVILPTN)	Anvil Partners is an independent corporate; finance firm based in London specialising; in leveraged buy-outs and corporate divestitures.; GB -	(ACS-CPD)	Automotive Customer Service; GB -	(ZULVER)	Graphic Design Consultants; GB -	(PYL)	Pearson Young Ltd; GB -	(MINOTELN)	Hotel Consortium; GB -	(ARDOCH)	Possil Learning Centre at Ardoch House; GB -	(DOTCOMNET)	DotComNet Web Design; GB -	(AVKM)	AVK Manufacturing Ltd.; GB -	(BPVAL)	Bon Pour Val london Office; GB -	(LAIRDS)	Cammell Lairds Network; GB -	(HANWA)	Hanwa Trading Company; GB -	(BOJ)	bank of Japan; GB -	(ROYHENRY)	Roy Henry Timber Importers; GB -	(MORTGAGE2000)	Supplier Of Mortgage Software for Mortgage Brokers; GB -	(PRESSAC)	Pressac Holdings Network; GB -	(WYCNET)	Woolwich Youth Cafe Network; GB -	(CHANNELWORK)	Biotech Research; GB -	(CUMBRIAISI)	Information Society Initiative; Business Link Cumbria; GB -	(RECOTONEH)	Recotoneh Network; GB -	(KESTRA)	Kestra; GB -	(WINNERS)	E-Mail Network at Chohan; Clothing Co. (M/CR) Ltd.; GB -	(IHDG)	Imperial Home Decor Group (UK) Ltd.; GB -	(MANTAPLAN)	mantaplan office network; GB -	(SAPAHNET)	Sapa Holdings Networking Equipment; GB -	(WYCLIFFE)	Wycliffe Bible Translators; GB -	(SOVEREIGNHOUSE)	Sovereign House Publication; GB -	(CMU)	CMU Macclesfield; Training network; GB -	(MERSEYWAY)	Merseyway Shopping Centre; GB -	(WELCONSTRUCT)	The Welconstruct Company; A Division of Grimmitt Holdings PLC; GB -	(PRESSCOMM)	Pressac Telecom; GB -	(CPAINFO)	Centre for Policy on Ageing; England; GB -	(CUMBRIACOMP)	Cumbria Computing Services; GB -	(ISCHOOL)	Unisys Educational Services; England; GB -	(FMSC)	FMSC UK; GB -	(CFANUK)	Christ For All Nations UK; Halesowen; England; GB -	(VINTNET)	Venus Internet; GB -	(EXPLORER)	Explorer (UK) Ltd; GB -	(CHESH36)	Cheshire Micro Unit; England; GB -	(DHOUSE)	Design House Consultants Ltd; Design Company; GB -	(SEEL)	SEEL Ltd; GB -	(ADVAERO)	Advanced Aero; GB -	(MPS)	Manor Park Systems Ltd; Runcorn; GB -	(SMALLHSC)	Small Heath School; Birmingham; England; GB -	(AGRIPRODUCTS)	International Company; GB -	(HERSCHEL)	Herschel High School; England; GB -	(ANDERSONRFG)	D. Anderson & Son LTD; GB -	(INNSITE)	Innsite Hotel Services Ltd; GB -	(GLE)	Greater London Enterprise; GB -	(RTCEUROPE)	RTC Industries (UK) Limited; Point of Purchase Display Manufacturer; GB -	(BENNPUB)	Timothy Benn Publishing; GB -	(CHARTER88)	Charter 88; For modern and fair democracy; GB -	(MTSERVICES)	MT Services; Computer Systems; GB -	(LUK-HCD)	LUK Heavy Clutch Division; LUK aftermarket services; GB -	(REALADV)	The RealAdventure Ltd; Advertising & Design Agency; Based in Bath, Avon, England; GB -	(STRAND)	Strand Technology; England; GB -	(JAMESON)	Jameson Communications; PR Company; GB -	(QUOTA)	Quota Ltd Network; GB -	(ESIUK)	ESI UK Network; GB -	(RSGB)	Radio Society of Great Britain; Network; GB -	(BRITASSOC)	British Association; GB -	(MSSNET)	MSS Network; GB -	(AMBION)	Management Consultants; GB -	(SDSGROUP)	SDS Infotech Training Ltd; I.T and financial services training company; GB -	(RHYSJONES)	Marketing and Management Consultants; GB -	(CARLSUMMERS)	Computer Services; GB -	(COTLOOK)	Cotlook Ltd; England; GB -	(SBCP)	SB Capital Partners; GB -	(REACT-MUSIC)	Record Company; GB -	(WIRRALBC)	Metropolitan Borough of Wirral; Property Services; GB -	(IMAGEPN)	Image Partnership; GB -	(BBVS)	Advertising; GB -	(PRACTICAL)	Management Consultants; GB -	(JOHNSTON-VERE)	Johnston vere consultancy group; recruitment consultancy; GB -	(BIOFOCUSN)	Drug discovery services; GB -	(PARITY1)	Parity Computers Ltd; GB -	(RWSGROUP3)	RWS Group, Lincoln House; GB -	(SKILCONTROL)	Instrumentation, Control Systems and; Actuator Manufacture.; GB -	(MICOM)	Micom Communications Corp. (Europe) Ltd.; GB -	(CDPUKL)	Print and Stationary Solutions; GB -	(KALEIDOSCOPE)	Kaleidoscope Advertising, Design & Marketing Limited; Network; GB -	(THI4)	THI Leisure Developments; GB -	(THI5)	THI Leisure Developments; GB -	(RISKCONFERENCES)	Conference Network; GB -	(SEECSRVR)	Seec Europe Ltd; GB -	(CHARTERPOINT)	Charterpoint Computer Brokerage; GB -	(DIGITALK)	Digitalk Telephony Solutions; GB -	(NOVALOGC)	Novalogic Ltd; GB -	(CONCENTRIC)	Concentric Head Office LAN; GB -	(DIRECTREC)	Direct Recruitment; GB -	(CUBO)	Cubo Marketing Consultants; GB -	(MOUNTSTUART)	Mount Stuart; Country House and Gardens; GB -	(NORFOLKAE)	Norfolk Adult Education; Mile Cross Study Centre; GB -	(NFC)	New Fieldwork Company LTD; Market Research; GB -	(NEXUSNET)	Nexus Dynamics Limited; Network Equipment; GB -	(CORENET)	Core Telecommunications Ltd; GB -	(THREEBLINDMICE)	Design Company; GB -	(THE-PRIORY)	The Priory Partnership; Chartered Accountants; GB -	(BUSHFIELD)	Community Education IT Centre; GB -	(ASTONB)	Software House; GB -	(EDGEUK)	Edge UK are Geotechnical and; Geoenvironmental engineers; GB -	(CCHENG)	CCH Engineering Ltd; GB -	(INOVATIONDP)	Computer Software; Development & Sales; GB -	(CHAPCO)	Chapco Networking Equipment; GB -	(WEIRBAGS)	Weir and Charmichael (1955) Ltd.; GB -	(NUMBERCRAFT)	Numbercraft Ltd - Business; Intelligence software and services; GB -	(ENTRUST)	Entrust Landfill Agents.; GB -	(SSH1)	SHH Architects; GB -	(MASONP)	Mason & Partners (Liverpool); GB -	(IDGEMEA)	IDG International Marketing Services; England; GB -	(COMSUP)	Communication Support Services; England; GB -	(CCGLTD)	Corporate Consulting Group; GB -	(MAGGS)	Maggs Bros Ltd; Rare Books and Manuscripts; GB -	(RWSGROUP)	RWS-Group PLC.; Translation and Patent Search Services; GB -	(PEGASUS)	Pegasus Ocean Services; GB -	(SCHOFIELDS)	Schofield & Company Limited; GB -	(UNITEDPIPE)	Specialists in Corrosion Resistant Alloy Linepipe,; Clad Linepipe and CRA Pipeline Packages; GB -	(ZONEHQ)	Multimedia Developers / Consultants; GB -	(TURPINS)	Turnpins and Sleevit Network; GB -	(HAYLEYCC)	Hayley Conference Centre; GB -	(NETWORKCLUB)	Games and Internet Network; GB -	(MICROMEDICAL)	Micro Medical Ltd.; Medical Instrument Manufacturer; GB -	(INITIAL-CATERING)	Initial Catering Services Ltd; GB -	(EMP-DEPT)	Department of Education and Employment; GB -	(BURNBANK)	Global 2500; GB -	(VBSNET)	Vorsprung Business Systems Network; GB -	(TRIMENSION)	Trimension Systems Ltd; Reality Room Inegrators; GB -	(REFLEX)	Reflex Design; GB -	(KYNETIX)	Kynetix Technology Group; GB -	(TRIDENTIN)	Trident International Ltd.; GB -	(NELSTROP)	Nelstrop Network; GB -	(ITSUWREX)	IT Support Unit; GB -	(MAYFLEX)	Ethernet switch and cabling distributor; GB -	(PATERNOSTER)	Send the Light Ltd.; Christian Book Wholesaler / Distributor; GB -	(MCRNEWS)	Manchester Evening News; Regional Newspaper Publisher - N.W. England; GB -	(COTTAGE)	Sitec Training; Charity; Trains the unemployed in IT skills; GB -	(FOURTEEN)	14 Cubed Ltd.; GB -	(TESWAINE)	Teswaine business communications; GB -	(DIGITALINSIGHT)	Digital Insight; Digital Printers; GB -	(CALLCT)	Call Centre Technology Ltd; Independent Telecommunications and; call centre provider; GB -	(AEM)	AEM Ltd.; GB -	(EURSCI)	Europa Scientific Ltd; Europa House; England; GB -	(RUTLANDCCN2)	Rutland County Council; GB -	(RUTLANDCCN)	Rutland County Council; GB -	(CONGBC)	Congleton Borough Council; Congleton; GB -	(NIMTECH)	Nimtech Network; GB -	(IRWELLVALLEY)	Irwell Valley Housing Association; 2 site network; BOLTON SITE + MANCHESTER SITE; GB -	(CDROMD)	CD-ROM Distribution PLC; GB -	(LINKINS)	Link Insurance Services; GB -	(ROBINSON-KEANE)	A multisite operation in the; recruitment industry; GB -	(GOWERS)	Gowers Advertising; GB -	(CLARKTV)	Clark Facilities Ltd; Television Production; GB -	(WSILHQ)	Wireless Systems International Ltd; Bristol; England; GB -	(SERTEC)	Sertec Network; GB -	(HADEN)	Haden Freeman Network; GB -	(NEWBURN)	IT and telecommunications; management consultants; GB -	(COOKIECOACH)	The Cookie Coach Company Ltd; Nationwide Van Sales, Distribution; of Cookies, Muffins, Flapjacks and Morning Goods.; GB -	(MEDIAVAULT)	Multimedia / Internet Company; GB -	(KUMHOTECH)	Kumho European technical centre; Tyre Design; GB -	(PRESCIENT)	Market Research Company; GB -	(UBISOFT)	Ubisoft Entertainment Ltd.; Leisure and Educational Software; Publishers.; GB -	(MERLIN-GROUP)	The Merlin Group of companies - I.T. Solutions; Complete hardware and software solutions; GB -	(KINGSLAND)	Kingsland wines and spirits; GB -	(SPECTRUM)	Spectrum Strategy Consultants; GB -	(CHAPMAN)	Chapman Envelopes; GB -	(PRESSACNET)	Pressac Ltd Network (Multimedia); GB -	(HARWICHDOCK)	Mann and Son; Harwich Dock Company; GB -	(PHILIPBARNES)	Philip Barnes and Company; Chartered Accountants; GB -	(FOCALNET)	Focal Design Studios Ltd; Design, Print, Photography; Advertising, Exhibitions; GB -	(PAMARCO)	Complete service to flexographic printers. Products; include anilox rollers, photopolymer plates, barcode; services, flexographic supplies,; envelope printing presses.; GB -	(LINGWOODSOFTWARE)	Lingwood Software Internal Networks; GB -	(ULTRALINK)	Ultralink Systems PLC; GB -	(AQUALISA)	Aqualisa LAN; GB -	(U-NET-NAT)	U-NET INTERNAL USE; Used to give routers single static IPs; when using Network Address Translation; GB -	(APPLECENTRE-WARRINGTON)	Applecentre Warrington; Consultancy, Leased line provider; GB -	(MEDEVAL)	MCC Connection; GB -	(RWSGROUP-LL)	RWS Network; GB -	(ALUMASC-EXTERIORS-LL)	Building Industry; Rainwater; Drainage; GB -	(MOTOROLASOLUTIONS)	Motorola Solutions; GB -	(AXA-INSURANCE)	Insurance Company (UK Office); GB -	(RISK)	Risk Publications; Publishing Company; GB -	(QUAYGROUP)	Quay Group; GB -	(LIVINGMEDIA)	Living Media Internet; GB -	(COBRATHERAP)	Pharma Research; GB -	(KMSPLC)	Knowledge Management Software PLC; GB -	(LIVINGMEDIA)	Living Media Internet; GB -	(IDEV)	Interactive Developments; GB -	(CONNECTION2)	Connection2 Ltd; GB -	(HARMONY)	Web Design Company; GB -	(SKM-UK-NET)	Sinclair Knight Merz; UK office; GB -	(CEWTEC)	Training and Enterprise council; GB -	(TRINITY)	Trinity Publications Ltd; GB -	(AEROMATIC-FIELDER)	Aeromatic-Fielder Ltd.; GB -	(DIALTEAM)	Automatic Communications Limited; GB -	(DAVIDLEVENE)	Stratford Office; Solicitor; GB -	(SOUTHSTAFFSWATER-LL)	MRAS; GB -	(IDEV)	Interactive Developments; GB -	(CDPUKL)	Print and Stationary Solutions; GB -	(WILLIAM-HARE)	William Hare Ltd.; Structural Engineers; GB -	(U-NET-ECS)	U-NET INTERNAL USE; ECS stuff.; GB -	(CHEMDAL)	Site Internet Access; UK Site; GB -	(STRATEGIC-SYS)	Strategic Systems Solutions; Software Development; GB -	(NWRDA)	Inward; Birchwood; Warrington; GB -	(CAMMELL-LL)	Cammell Laird Group Network; GB -	(THEINTER)	TheInter.Net Network; GB -	(DAVIDLEVENE)	Wood Green Office; Solicitor; GB -	(NCCSERVICES)	NCC Education Services.; GB -	(XPERTSYSTEMS)	Xpert Systems Ltd.; GB -	(BTPPLC)	BTP PLC; Specialty Chemical Manufacturer; GB -	(ONLINEAID)	Network to demonstrate web enabling; of telephony services.; GB -	(MTSERVICES)	MT Services; Computer Systems; GB -	(FOCALDESIGN)	Focal Design Studios Ltd; Design, Print, Photography; Advertising, Exhibitions; GB -	(DAVIDLEVENE)	Birmingham Office; Solicitor; GB -	(EASYWEB)	Easyweb Direct; GB -	(DIAMONDCOMICS)	Diamond Comics Distributors UK; GB -	(ISIS)	ISIS technology; Practical implementation of AI through; new and established technologies. e-business.; (used for web servers); GB -	(DIGITAL)	Digital Exchange Group; Telecommunications Services; GB -	(DIGITALNET)	Digital Exchange Communications Ltd; GB -	(NCCEDUCATION)	NCC Education Services Ltd.; Network; GB -	(IDLMAIL)	Marketing Specialists Worldwide; GB -	(BARR-ROSIN)	Barr Rosin Networks; GB -	(BTS)	Barclays Bank technical services; GB -	(INFORMATICA)	Informatica Software; GB -	(LEACONSULT)	LEA Consultants; GB -	(CHESHIRECC)	Cheshire County Council; GB -	(KEYCORP-LL)	Keycorp (Europe) Ltd; GB -	(KEYCORP-SCOTLAND)	Network Equipment; GB -	(U-NET-CYNNAL-PROJECT)	U-NET INTERNAL USE; This block used for the Cynnal School project.; GB -	(RENTOKIL)	*Leased Line*; London --> East Grinstead; GB -	(RETAINAGROUP)	RetainaGroup Limited; GB -	(INFOMARKET)	Infomarket Ltd; GB -	(PLUSDATA)	PlusData (UK) Ltd.; GB -	(HTA)	Help the Aged; Organisation in the UK; GB -	(BEATMARK)	Beatmark Ltd.; GB -	(SWIZZELS-MATLOW)	Swizzels Matlow Ltd.; Manufacturers of Childrens; Sugar Confectionary; GB -	(CAREER-CONNECTIONS)	Career Connections Ltd; Providers of Career Guidance; Services; GB -	(MYOSPHERE)	Motorola Myosphere development; and testing node; GB -	(MYOSPHERE)	Motorola Myosphere development; and testing node (2nd part of network); GB -	(INDEPTH2)	Contract Cleaning; And Contract Transport; GB -	(CHOICEHOTELS-MRAS)	Choice Hotels Europe; MRAS / Port Access service; GB -	(ELYSIUM)	Internet Solutions Developer; and Internet Services Provision; and hosting; GB -	(ZYGO)	ZYGO Communications Ltd; GB -	(OLDHAMCHAMBER)	Oldham Chamber of Commerce; Network; GB -	(PRIESTLEY-COLLEGE)	Educational Establishment in Warrington, UK; GB -	(VIA-NETWORKS)	VIA NET.WORKS US OFFICE; GB -	(U-NETPROJ1)	U-NET Internal Project (68153); GB -	(ISINTEGRATION)	IT consultancy; GB -	(IRISH-MEDICAL-SYSTEMS)	UK Office; VIA Ireland (PLA0022); GB -	(CPS)	Cambridge Positioning Systems; GB -	(INTUITIVE)	Intuitive Media; Education Online Services; GB -	(PJH-GROUP)	PJH Group Ltd; GB -	(INPUT-OUTPUT)	Input/Output (UK) Inc.; WWWS order; GB -	(KANGOL)	Kangol Ltd; GB -	(GALLAYSYSTEMS)	Pharmaceutical Equipment; Manufacturers; GB -	(VIRTUAL-ACCESS)	VIA Ireland; Ascot office; GB -	(VIRTUAL-ACCESS)	VIA Ireland; Skipton office; GB -	(HEADLAM)	Headlam Group; GB -	(OSEGROUP)	Open System Engineering; System Maintanance; GB -	(GREENTURTLELON)	Public Relations; GB -	(ZYNERGY)	Zynergy Group Ltd; GB -	(KYNETIX)	Kynetix Technology Group; GB -	(FMSC)	FMSC UK; GB -	(SIMIS)	Simis; Eidos Interactive; Makers of Games software.; GB -	(NSMI)	National Sports Medicine Institute of the UK; GB -	(MICOM-LL)	Micom Communications Corp (Europe) Ltd.; GB -	(IDG)	IDG Global Solutions; GB -	(DAVIDLEVENE)	Camden Office; Solicitor; GB -	(ABCTECH)	ABC Technologies Ltd.; GB -	(ISIS)	ISIS technology; Practical implementation of AI through; new and established technologies. e-business.; (used for network machines); GB -	(I-MAST)	Ser conn in LL; GB -	(INTUITIVE)	Intuitive Media; Education Online Services; GB -	(GREENTURTLEMAN)	Public Relations; GB -	(U-NET-X2)	U-NET INTERNAL USE; X2 modem rack; GB -	(U-NET-POOL1)	U-NET INTERNAL USE; GB -	(DOVERDCNET)	Dover District Council; GB -	(PEELHOLDINGS)	Shopping Centre Owners; GB -	(CALLEO)	Consultancy; GB -	(INDEPTH2)	Contract Cleaners and Contract Transport; GB -	(MARCHFIRST)	E-Commerce Consoultancy; GB -	(SERCO-GATEWAY)	Rail Network Testing and Monitoring Services; GB -	(NORMANWEBSTER)	Manufacturing Company; GB -	(VIRGINABC)	Virgin Airship and Balloon Company; GB

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