Class C Networks - Block 195.123 -	(CPER)	Center for Privatization and Economic Reform in Agriculture,; Kiev, Ukraine. Policy Advice Project financed by USAID.; Collaborative Project of Iowa State University (USA) and; Institute of Agrarian Economics (UA).; UA -	(SEPTOR-NET)	Septor Network Center; UA -	(ENERGY-UA)	Telecommunication network; Energy and Power Ministry of Ukraine; UA -	(SSFT)	Ternopil ISP; UA -	(NIIIT)	Institute for Content Teaching and Methodology in Education; Kyiv; UA -	(GEDEON-UA)	Gedeon Richter-Ukrpharm Ltd.; UA -	(SOKRAT)	JSC Sokrat; UA -	(RS-UA)	TC RadioSystems Sumy, Ukraine; UA -	(KIEV-PAGE)	Kiev-Page(TM); Ukrainian Center for Marketing and Communications (UCMC); Communications Division; UA -	(JANUS-UA)	"Janus" Ltd., Kyiv, Ukraine; UA -	(SPACEGATE)	1-st in Ukraine IP over DVB service provider; UA -	(RQL-NET)	RQL-Ukraine.; Ukrainian IT firm.; Works in field of computers, IT and; network distribution, telecommunication,; and System Integration.; UA

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