Class C Networks - Block 198.108 -	Merit Network Inc. 	(NETBLK-TBLK-MICHNET198) -	County of Washtenaw 	(NETBLK-MICH-311) -	Northville Public Schools 	(NETBLK-TBLK-NORTHVILLE5) -	Standard Data Systems 	(NETBLK-MICH-312 ) -	BioMedware 	(NETBLK-MICH-313) -	Media Station, Inc. 	(NETBLK-MICH-314) -	Ford Motor Company 	(NETBLK-MICH-315) -	Novi Community Schools 	(NETBLK-MICH-52) -	Washtenaw Community College-Small Business Development Ctr. 	(NETBLK-MICH-316) -	City of Ann Arbor 	(NETBLK-MICH-317) -	ArborText, Inc. 	(NETBLK-MICH-119) -	Lenawee ISD 	(NETBLK-MICH-318) -	Adrian College 	(NETBLK-MICH-69) -	Monroe County Library System 	(NETBLK-MICH-319) -	Schoolcraft College 	(NETBLK-MICH-74) -	Lake Michigan College 	(NETBLK-MICH-320) -	Michigan State University 	(NETBLK-MICH-66) -	Western Michigan University 	(NETBLK-MICH-321) -	Western Michigan University 	(NETBLK-MICH-70) -	Kalamazoo Valley Community College 	(NETBLK-MICH-322) -	Western Michigan University 	(NETBLK-MICH-323) -	Western Michigan University 	(NETBLK-MICH-324) -	Kellogg USA, Inc. 	(NETBLK-MICH-325) -	Sturgis Public Library 	(NETBLK-MICH-326) -	Van Buren District Library 	(NETBLK-MICH-327) -	Michigan State University 	(NETBLK-MICH-328) -	Stateline Internet 	(NETBLK-MICH-329) -	Western Michigan University 	(NETBLK-MICH-330) -	W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research 	(NETBLK-MICH-331) -	Greater Kalamazoo United Way 	(NETBLK-MICH-332) -	Fetzer Institute 	(NETBLK-MICH-333) -	Western Michigan University 	(NETBLK-MICH-334) -	Kellogg Community College 	(NETBLK-MICH-335) -	Southwestern Michigan Interconnect for Learning Experiences 	(NETBLK-MICH-106)	North Central Michigan College 	(NET-Y) NWMC-NET) -	Northwestern Michigan College 	(NETBLK-MICH-64) -	Library of Michigan 	(NETBLK-MICH-63)

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