Class C Networks - Block 199.212 -	The CA*NET Network Operations Centre 	(NETBLK-ONTARIO4)	Lakefield College School 	(NET-LAKEFIELD) -	Georgian College of Applied Arts and Technology 	(NETBLK-GEORCOLL4) -	Wellesley Hospital Research Institute 	(NETBLK-WHRI) -	DURHAM COLLEGE OF APPLIED ARTS AND TECHNOLOGY 	(NETBLK-DURHAMC-ON-CA2) -	Ontario Science Centre 	(NETBLK-OSC-ON-CA)	Lakehead University 	(NET-LU-NET-6)	807-City 	(NET-CITY-807) -	Department of Environment 	(NETBLK-DOE-CA)	Polar Symmetry Limited 	(NET-POLAR-ON-CA)	Baycom Inc. 	(NET-BAYCOM-ON-CA)	CANARIE Inc. 	(NET-CANARIE-NET)	Cosan Development Corp. 	(NET-COSAN-ON-CA) -	Centennial College of Applied Arts and 	(NETBLK-IDC-CENCOL)	McDougall Scientific Ltd 	(NET-MCD-SCI-ON-CA)	Audio Online Incorporated 	(NET-AUDIO-ONLINE-ON-CA)	Centennial College 	(NET-IDC-CENCOL1)	University of Toronto 	(NET-ATRC-UTOR-CA) -	Durham College of Applied Arts & Science 	(NETBLK-DURHMAC2)	Kendall Systems 	(NET-KENSYS-COM1)	Centennial College of Applied Arts and Science 	(NET-CENCOL-CA) -	Centennial College Applied Arts and Technology 	(NETBLK-CENCOL-CA1)	Oasis Technology 	(NET-OASIS1) -	Univ of Toronto 	(NETBLK-HOSER-NET)	City Of North Bay 	(NET-CITYNB)	College Boreal 	(NET-BOREALC-ON-CA)	Ontario Northland Transportation Comm. 	(NET-ONTC)	Public Works & Government Services Canada 	(NET-PWGSC-NET) -	The Corporation of the City of Waterloo 	(NETBLK-CITYWATERLOO)	International Federation of Institutes for Advance Study 	(NET-IFIAS) -	Algoma University College 	(NETBLK-SHINGWAUK)	Caspar Computer Services, Inc. 	(NET-CASPAR-NET) -	Ontario Science Centre 	(NETBLK-OSC-ON-CA-2) -	Centennial College of Applied Arts and 	(NETBLK-CENCOL2)	Virtek Vision Corporation 	(NET-VIRTEK-COM)	NirvCentre 	(NET-WEB-CA) -	York University 	(NETBLK-YORKU-CNET9) -	Sisters of Charity of Ottawa Health 	(NETBLK-SCOHS)	Healthware Technologies Inc. 	(NET-HEALTHWARE-CA)	Oasis Technology 	(NET-OASIS2) -	Confederation College of Applied Arts & Technology 	(NETBLK-CONFEDERATION) -	Canadore College of Applied Arts & 	(NETBLK-CANADORON-CA)	Inter-Com Information Services Ltd. 	(NET-ICIS-ON-CA3 ) -	Inter-Com Information Services Ltd. 	(NETBLK-ICIS-ON-CA)	Hamilton-Wentworth FreeNet 	(NET-HWFN-ON-CA) -	Kingston General Hospital 	(NETBLK-KGH-ON-CA) -	Peterborough County-City Health Unit 	(NETBLK-PCCHU-GOV-ON-CA) -	Inst. for Clinical and Evaluative Sciences 	(NETBLK-ICES-ON-CA) -	Thunder Bay Regional Hospital 	(NETBLK- HWHOSP)	McClelland and Stewart 	(NET-M-AND-S) -	Chedoke-McMaster Hospitals 	(NETBLK-XCMH-NET)	Trov Data Systems Inc. 	(NET-JETNET-COM)	Mentor Networks, Inc. 	(NET-NET-MENTOR) -	Suncor Inc. 	(NETBLK-SUN-2) -	Sunoco Inc. 	(NETBLK-SUNOCO-1) -	Sentex Communications Corporation 	(NETBLK-SENTEX) -	NRN Communications 	(NETBLK-NRN-COM)	Public Service Alliance of Canada 	(NET-PSAC-NET)	Open Communications System 	(NET-OCS-ON-CA) -	Cara Operations Limited 	(NETBLK-CARA-COM)	Steffen Open Systems 	(NET-NET-WINGHAM)	The Pinetree Domain 	(NET-PINETREE-C1) -	Tritech Financial Systems Inc. 	(NETBLK-TRITECH)	TRW Canada Ltd 	(NET-OTT-TRW-COM) -	Royal Canadian Mounted Police 	(NETBLK-RCMP-GRC1) -	InterLog Internet Services 	(NETBLK-NETBLK-INTERLOG) -	Rose Media 	(NETBLK-ROSE-MEDIA-NET) -	Unitel Communications Inc. 	(NETBLK-UNINET-4) -	Glen Net Communications 	(NETBLK-BIS-GLEN-1) -	Lynx Technology Inc. 	(NETBLK-LYNX-3) - 	(NETBLK-MUSKOKA-3) -	Department of Justice 	(NETBLK-DOJ-GC-CA)	High Line Corp. 	(NET-HIGH-LINE) -	Southam, Inc. 	(NETBLK- SOUTHAM-COM) -	FundSERV Inc. 	(NETBLK-FUNDSERV-NET )	Affinity Associates Consulting Inc. 	(NET-AFFINITY)	Stargate Network Design 	(NET-STARGATE) -	Capital Offence BBS 	(NETBLK-BBS-ON-CA)	East Parry Board of Educatiion 	(NET-EAST-PARRY)	Grand Associates 	(NET-GDSERV-ON-CA) -	Fasken Campbell Godfrey 	(NETBLK-FASKENS ) -	Library of Parliment 	(NETBLK-LOP-GC-CA) -	Waterloo County Board of Education 	(NETBLK-WCBE)

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