Class C Networks - Block 199.246 -	The CA*NET Network Operations Centre 	(NETBLK-ONTARIO5)	Pharmacia Inc. 	(NET-CAONT-PHARM) -	Kingston Online Services 	(NETBLK-KOSONE-COM) -	Canadian Pacific Limited 	(NETBLK-CDN-PACIFIC)	JCST 	(NET-JCST) -	Cimtegration Inc. 	(NETBLK-NET-CIMTEG) -	Andersen Consulting 	(NETBLK-ANDERSON) -	Global Television Network 	(NETBLK-CANWEST ) -	EntreNet Systems 	(NETBLK-ENTRENET)	Unis Lumin Inc. 	(NET-LUMINET) -	Gordon Capital Corporation 	(NETBLK-GCC-Net) -	KL Group Inc. 	(NETBLK-KL-GROUP) -	Scarborough Grace Hospital 	(NETBLK-SCARB-GRACE)	Empirics Inc. 	(NET-EMPIRICS-ON)	Inc. 	(NET-FIVED-NET) -	Franklin Quest Canada, Ltd. 	(NETBLK-FQUEST-ON-CA) -	Passport Online Corp 	(NETBLK-PASSPORT-NET)	IBM Canada Ltd 	(NET-IBM-TORONTO2) -	DreamLAN 	(NETBLK-DREAMLAN-CANADA)	Fastlane Technologies Inc. 	(NET-FASTLANE) -	Sanyo Canada Inc. 	(NETBLK-SANYO1)	Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital 	(NET-OTMHNET)	TRSI 	(NET-TRSI) -	Moore Resource Systems 	(NETBLK-MOORE-ON-CA) -	DocuWeb Information Services Inc. 	(NETBLK-DOCUWeb) -	Hamilton Automobile Club 	(NETBLK-HAC-CAA) -	Med-Chem Laboratories Limited 	(NETBLK-medchem-com) -	The Globe and Mail 	(NETBLK- GLOBEANDMAIL) -	Onramp Network Services Inc. 	(NETBLK-ONRAMP-MKM)	Alan Barclay Systems 	(NET-BARCNET)	Kendall Systems (KENSYS2) -	Newcourt Credit Corp. 	(NETBLK-NEWCOURTCAN)	OMERS Fund Group 	(NET-omers-on-ca) -	Oshawa Group 	(NETBLK-oshawa) -	Blakes, Cassels & Graydon 	(NETBLK-blakes ) -	Boise Cascade 	(NETBLK-bcff-rms)	S&C Electric Canada 	(NET-sc-elec-tor)	Pro Engineering Inc. 	(NET-PROENG-COM)	Build-A-Mold 	(NET-BAMBAM-CA)	The Rubicon Group 	(NET-RUBICON-C1) -	Toronto Free-Net Inc. 	(NETBLK-FREENET-TOR1)	Open System Technology 	(NET-OST-ON-CA)	Agostinelli Consulting 	(NET-AGOSTINELLI) -	Dimona Aircraft Co. 	(NETBLK-DIMONA-CAN1) -	G&D Security Card Systems,Inc. (SECURITY-1BLK)	Intercom 	(NET-INTERCOM-ON-CA) -	Government of Ontario - Mgt. Board 	(NETBLK-GOVONCA) -	AFG Industries Ltd. 	(NETBLK-AFG) -	Major Systems 	(NETBLK-MAJORSYS)	McVety Company Limited 	(NET-MCVETY)	WK Information Systems Ltd. 	(NET-CASEWARE-COM)	Pizzolato Enterprises 	(NET-PIZZOLATO-COM)	ELSID Software Systems LTD. 	(NET-ELSID-CA)	Automated Software Design Systems 	(NET-ASDS-COM)	INA Bearing Company Ltd. 	(NET-INA-ON-CA)	Strata Software Ltd. 	(NET-STRATAWARE-COM) -	Universal Gateway Corporation 	(NETBLK-GATEWAY1) -	Fraser and Beatty 	(NETBLK-FRASBY1) -	Fraser and Beatty 	(NETBLK-FRASBY) -	St. Joseph's Health Centre 	(NETBLK-STJ) -	Consolidated Access & Networks, Inc. 	(NETBLK-CAN) -	AMB Business Networking 	(NETBLK-AMB) -	McCarthy Tetrault 	(NETBLK-MCCARTHY)	Dtronix 	(NET-DTRONIX-NET1)	Procor 	(NET-ROCOR-NET)	Richardson Greenshields of Canada 	(NET-RG-NET-CAN)	Dyad Systems Inc. 	(NET-DYAD-ON-CA)	SIGNAT 	(NET-SIGNAT)	Trigraph Inc 	(NET-TRIGRAPH) -	Shop Network of Canada 	(NETBLK-SHOP) -	Brak Systems Inc. 	(NETBLK-BRAK) -	CP Express & Transport 	(NETBLK-CPET) -	Livingston Group Inc. 	(NETBLK-LIVINGSTON-C1)	Vistar Telecommunications Inc. 	(NET-VISTAR-CA) -	Canadian Standards Association 	(NETBLK-CSA-ON-CA) -	Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications 	(NETBLK-CRTC-CA)	IBM Canada Ltd 	(NET-IBM-TORONTO)	Andersen Consulting 	(NET-ANDERSEN-CA)

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